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Different Types of Pegboard: Masonite vs. Metal vs. Acrylic

When it comes to garages, a neat and well-organized space for all of one’s things [...]


Your Wallpeg Stories

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Getting Ready For Spring: Home Improvement Tips

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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

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Organizing Screwdrivers Efficiently

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Ask David: Closet Space Organization

Greetings Wallpeg-ers! For this blog post we are back with another question for everyone’s favorite [...]


Creating a Garage Workbench With a Wallpeg Board

We use our garages for many different reasons; they can be used for multiple purposes [...]

New Blog Feature: Ask David!

As we were coming up with ideas for new features for the blog, we decided [...]

Another Success Story from Wallpeg!

Today, we are happy to share another story here in the blog. A couple days [...]

Pegboard Success Story!

We always like to hear from customers about how they used our pegboards. Today we [...]