Organizing Screwdrivers Efficiently

Any gear head or DIY weekend warrior can tell you that when it comes to tools, organization is key. Nobody wants to spend more time looking for the tool then actually using the tool. In perusing various forums online, we noticed that one of the most often disorganized tools in people’s garages are the screwdrivers. Today, we are going to offer what we feel is the solution to your organizational needs.

Since screwdrivers can vary significantly in size and type, people prefer to mount a wall rack and store them individually. This way, they can be identified and accessed easily. In the past we have seen every thing from magnetic strips, socket holders, and everything in-between, but we noticed that these modes of organization lack the sturdiness we strive for.

Here is an example of less-then-ideal screwdriver organization. As you can see, there is significant crowding and nothing keeping the bigger drivers wedged in place.

Here at Wallpeg, we have to peg hooks that you can use to make sure your screwdrivers get organized and, most importantly, STAY organized:


Box Style

Box-Style-Flex-Lock-Peg-HooksLike the name says, our Box Style pegboard hooks clip on to our pegboards and have a box shaped holder. These hooks are perfect for your most used screwdrivers, as the box allows you to easily remove and put your screwdriver back in place. These hooks also work well with oversized screwdrivers that tend to crowd and get in the way of other normal sized drivers when stored metal holders in a traditional, lined-up manner.




Spring Style

Spring-Style-Flex-Lock-Peg-HooksOur Spring Style Hooks are quite unique in that they provide an unmatched level of security. These hooks let you snap screwdrivers in place with ease, and will stay in place no matter what. These hooks are great for screwdriver storage because unlike your average metal holders, they keep screwdrivers completely vertical. They also work well with small screwdrivers that might fall through our Box Style hooks.




If you have any questions about which of our products wook best with your tools, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help!

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