WallPeg Flex-Lock Pegboard Hooks

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What Makes Our Pegboard Hooks Superior

There is nothing worse then spending the time and effort necessary to set up a standard pegboard system only to have those loose peg hooks fall out every time you grab one of your tools of the wall. No more loose wobbly pegs falling on the floor, these tough plastic pegboard hooks stay put. To try Flex-Lock peg hooks on your pegboard, we'll mail you a free Flex-Lock peg hook!.

Here's a few reasons why Wallpeg hooks with Flex-Lock technology are superior to the competition:
  • Flex-Lock pegboard hooks hold more items
  • Flex-Lock pegs lock to pegboard
  • Available in black or white plastic
  • Fit 1/4" pegboard holes on all Wallpeg pegboards
  • Rounded safety tips are child and pet-friendly
Wallpeg pegboard hooks fit 1/4" pegboard and locks to the peg board for a sturdy fit to hold all your items secure and safe. Wallpeg's wide range of pegboard hooks hold tools and objects of all sizes of items more securely than metal pegs.