Easy Mount Pegboards

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Pegboards Made by Wallpeg Store are:

  • Made of a tough co-polymer material and is durable enough to retain its shape, even with heavy tools attached to it.
  • Ready to mount right out of the box and has molded ribs on 8-inch centers to properly space the board from the wall.
  • Never in need of painting. These pegboards repel oils and liquids, and can easily be cleaned.
  • Excellent for use around swimming pools, garden sheds, or even kitchens.
  • Ideal for repelling water, making them the perfect choice for your mudroom where you hang snow covered coats or wet bathing suits.
  • Usually much less expensive than Masonite pegboards, furring strips, paint, etc., making them affordable for anyone.
  • Easy to install in only a few minutes, and they will last a lifetime
  • Easily removed from one wall, and moved from place to place.
  • Made in popular sizes to be used on walls, over work benches, and yet can be modified easily for special installations.
Wallpeg pegboards can be used in closets, hobby rooms, kitchens, or craft areas, and are strong enough to hold your heavy tools! Wallpeg... a better idea and a better product!!