Conquer Clutter in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Choose Your WallPeg System

Pick the perfect pegboard size for your space. We offer a variety of options to fit your needs, from compact wall-mounted solutions to expansive workshop systems.

Step 2

Customize Your Storage:

Select the storage bins and accessories that best suit your tools and supplies. With our range of sizes and functionalities, you’ll find a hook or bin for everything you own.

Step 3

Enjoy Organized Bliss:

Mount your system, hang your bins and hooks, and enjoy a clutter-free garage! Say goodbye to frustration, and hello to a more productive and enjoyable DIY experience.

A Disorganized Garage is Embarrassing.

Overstuffed bins, overflowing drawers, and scattered tools on random shelves are stealing your time, sanity, and project momentum. This clutter creates a stressful environment, making it hard to focus and enjoy your work.

Our pegboards are perfect for inside or outside use, our Tuff Poly Plastic Pegboards are water and scratch resistant. The boards are strong, versatile, and easy to install.

Our pegboard bins are built to last, holding more than other brands. WallPeg boards are the key to a clean, efficient workspace that fuels your creativity and productivity.

the path to garage organization

More Than Just Pegboard:

WallPeg offers everything you need to create a customized storage solution. From pegboards and bins to hooks and shelves, we have the tools to transform your space. We also provide helpful tips and inspiration to get you started on your organization journey.

Pegboard Organization Tips

Having had several homes/workshops in the past 30 years, I’m a veteran of the pegboard dilemma. Installation was a breeze; the hangers work well and remain secure. I highly recommend this product!

Amazon Customer

I hung this vertically and got it installed in less than 1-hour. For the tiny space I have available I think this white plastic pegboard is the best choice since it won’t bow out, warp, or need painting just like the old one that I finally pitched out. 

Amazon Customer

They are taller than most pegboards and aren’t square so I didn’t have to buy as many panels. It came with a variety of hooks, which worked great for all the different size drones I have, and with the hooks being plastic they don’t scratch my drones.

Amazon Customer

WallPeg Solutions for Every Space:

Tired of the frustration of lost tools and cluttered workspaces?

WallPeg offers a superior organization solution with our easy-to-install plastic pegboards and durable pegboard bins. Unlike traditional pegboards, WallPeg eliminates the need for extra hardware and frustration. Our lightweight design makes installation a breeze, and the customizable options allow you to create a storage system that perfectly fits your needs.

Don’t let clutter win!

Take control of your workspace today with WallPeg.