Pegboard Kit Applications for Every Room

No matter how much square feet a home has, it can seem like there’s never enough space to store personal belongings. Closet and drawer space fill up quickly, leaving homeowners and renters wondering where to put the rest of their things without having to give them away or rent storage space.

Pegboard kits can be the ideal solution to this common problem. These kits make it easy to organize items by size, frequency of use, or whatever method works best for the individual. Best of all, there are effective pegboard kit applications for every room in a home.

Setting Up a Pegboard Kit

Pegboard kits come in a variety of sizes and include several dozen pre-drilled holes. Each kit is ready to mount immediately upon removal from the box, and the only tool necessary to install a  pegboard is a screwdriver.

installing pegboard kit applications

The primary material is heavy duty poly plastic that owners will never need to repaint. Occasionally wiping the pegboard down will keep it looking and functioning its best. Pegboard kits are industrial strength whether used in a home or business environment.

Using a Pegboard in the Kitchen

Kitchen items like pots, pans, and rolling pins can have unique shapes that makes them difficult to store in a drawer or cupboard. Installing a pegboard near the stove ensures easy access to everything needed to prepare meals at home. A pegboard can hold several pots and pans, a cutting board, food preparation tools, and much more thanks to its industrial-grade strength.

kitchen pegboard system for organization

Dedicate an Entire Pegboard to Displaying Art

Framed art prints come in sizes ranging from 3.5” x 5” to 16” x 20” and even larger. For people who love to collect and display art but don’t want to pound multiple holes in their wall, pegboards offer an alternative solution. A pegboard could also hold framed personal photos. Artistically inclined people can even change their display often without having to dedicate additional wall space to house the new prints.

A Place to Store Frequently Accessed Items

Pens, can and bottle openers, and clips to seal opened bags of food are just three examples of items that can be challenging for people to find when they need them. That is because these and similar items are small and easy to misplace.

One clever way to organize such items is to take two-liter plastic bottles and cut a hole in each of them large enough to fit a hand. This makes it simple for people to grab what they need without having to hunt all over their home for it.

Closet Storage or Winter Gear

People who live in climates with cold winters know how easy it is to misplace a glove and then no longer have a matching set. Hats and scarves can be easy to lose as well. For those with small children, it’s an ongoing battle to keep all their winter gear together in one place.

This can be extremely frustrating when trying to get out the door for school or daycare in the morning. Placing a pegboard near the coat closet can eliminate this frustration.

Image from DecorPad

Sporting Equipment

Baseball hats and gloves, kneepads and helmets for hockey, and football gear can take up a lot of space at home. Any type of sporting equipment can easily become scattered around the house, making it difficult for people to find what they need on their way out the door. Pegboard kit applications in bedrooms or the garage allow athletes to organize their gear and know just where it is when they need it.

Use Pegboards to Create Custom Shelving

Some items are so oddly shaped that there would be no way to hang them on a pegboard. That doesn’t mean people can’t keep them if they have run out of shelf space in their home. A better solution is to cut several pieces of wood into the desired shapes and mount them on the pegboard. Homeowners and renters can then place items needing extra support directly onto the shelves.

Homework Station

Research shows that children are most successful at school when they have a dedicated place at home to study and complete their homework. A pegboard with containers to hold pencils, pens, paper, a ruler, and other needed items makes homework time even more organized.

Parents may need to remind their children to return the items to their slot on the pegboard a few times, but even the most disorganized child should appreciate having a quiet and clutter-free place to complete school assignments.

Staying organized at home sometimes requires creative outside-the-box thinking. Utilizing creative pegboard kit applications clearly fits into this category.