Installation Ease with Wallpeg Pegboards!

Here at Pegboard we tell people that our pegboard is easier to install, but today we are going to show you. By comparing the installation process of both regular, cheap, Masonite pegboard and Wallpeg Easy-Mount pegboard, you will see the distinct advantages our products have.


To install Masonite pegboard, which is just a flat board with peg holes, you need to configure furring strips to mount the board on to. Without the strips, the peg holes will be flat against the wall, allowing zero functionality. Not only do furring strips require extra money, time, and tools, but they also block some of the peg holes from being used.

Furring Strips
Furring strips
Installing the Strips
How furring strips are installed


On the other hand, our pegboard comes ready to install right out of the box. Our pegboard has ribs on the back that act as furring strips so no extra work is required for installation, and no peg holes are blocked.  Your pegboard will be up in three easy steps:

Step 1)  Position the board where you want to mount it…eyeball or measure to find your desired starting point.


Step 2)  Screw in the one top corner


Step 3) When the screw is wrist tight, use a level to insure the board is even across and screw the other top corner down


Screw the remaining corners down and your done! Add a few hooks or other accessories to complete your project and you’re on your way to a neat, organized room.

By: David Garcia

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