Pegboard Success Story!

We always like to hear from customers about how they used our pegboards. Today we are going to share one we received recently that we all liked:

“Hey Wallpeg!

I was so pleased with the product I purchased from you guys that I wanted to take the time to tell you my story and how your pegboards have simplified my life.

My wife loves to sew, I mean LOVES to sew. She makes clothes, purses, hats, basically anything you can create with string. If you live with someone with a passion for sewing you know that there is no shortage of string in your house, and my house was no different. My closets and cabinets were filled with boxes and boxes of string. It was getting to the point where I was constantly yanking spools of string out my dogs mouth, tripping over them walking through the house, and spending my afternoons on my hands and knees looking for that one that go misplaced. At this point I was at my wits end. I had to do something to get all my wife’s sewing equipment organized.sewing room pegboards by Wallpeg Store

A friend suggested your pegboards because they said that they are a lot stronger than the average pegboard you pick up at the craft store. Boy, was he right! I bought a couple of the jumbo pegboards and some hooks, and set them up in my wife’s craft room. Now, instead of string all over my house, they are racked up on the wall. I can tell you how happy I am now that I don’t have to deal will all that string! It’s all neat and organized in one room and it’s amazing. So thank you Wallpeg for all the help, my wife and I (and my dog) really appreciate it.”

Gerry W.

Thanks for the feedback, Gerry! We always love to hear success stories from our customers. Please feel free to send us your stories, they might end up on the blog!

By: David Garcia

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  1. says:

    Thia is exactly what I plan to use pegboards I purchased from you except that I’m having trouble figuring out what end goes up and which one goes at the bottom. Also, I think I need installation instructions cause I have no idea which screws to use where and I have holes all over my wall trying to get screws to hold! I mean, there are more holes in my wall than on the pegboard! I’m afraid if I can’t figure something out pretty quick, I’m gonna end up caving my wall in! Can you guys help me with some install instructions? I purchased the Jumbo Pegboard Kit in White and the 80 Mix pegs also. I just placed another order for 20 bins but if I can’t figure out how to install the pegboards, I won’t have anywhere to hang them! HELP!!
    Nita T.

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