Combo Cabinet Pegboard Project

FH08NOV_COMCAB_01Here at Wallpeg were always looking for new, innovative ways people have used pegboard in projects around the house or garage. Recently, we came across this fun, easy project for a small cabinet perfect for storing painting supplies, tools, fishing equipment, our anything else for that matter.

What makes this projects so great is how compact the cabinet is. Some people don’t have huge garages to put up big sheets of pegboard for their stuff. By building two or three of these, you can store all your things without taking up a ton of space. You can build these to any size specifications you want, but we recommend using our 24′ by 24′ pegboards for a compact space. You could even dedicate each cabinet for certain types of tools or equipment for better organization.

According to the plans, the project will only take a day to complete and cost about 50 FH08NOV_COMCAB_02dollars. You’re going to need, among other basic tools, a circular saw, Miter saw and a nail gun. If you’re not a hardcore craftsman, you might not have a nail gun at the ready, but I’m sure a hammer will work just fine. We suggest using Wallpeg pegboard to give your cabinet added stability and strength that regular pegboard just can’t give you. Have fun!

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By: David Garcia

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