Let’s Get Artsy With Wallpeg Boards!


We all know how WallPeg boards can simplify our lives. The organizational benefits a WallPeg board in the home or garage are absolutely tremendous. Although, the practicality of our product does not mean you can get creative with it. Today we are going to profile a few fun, easy art projects that you can use Wallpeg boards for. Try them at your home or use them as inspiration to create your own work of art!

Our first project we will look at uses pegboard to create a unique headboard for the bedroom. Depending on the size of bed you plan on putting it over, you can adjust the size of the pegboard you need. You can paint whatever image or picture you desire to make your headboard one-of-a-kind!


The next project involves using dowels and string or rubber bands to make shelving and 010813_karapaslaypegboardart. By stringing together various dowels (in this case, colored pencils) placed in the pegboard, they were able to create letters, stars, and other images on the board. They were also able to fashion some shelves using the same material. The great thing about this project is that you can change the images anytime you want!


Of course, the pegboard used in these projects is the cheap stuff you find in all the craft stores. If you really want these projects to last, you know you have to use WallPeg Ready Mount pegboard!

By: David Garcia

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