A New Spin On The WallPeg Toolboard – Pegboard Tool Cart


Wallpeg boards have become synonymous with organization in the garage. Seeing all your tools lined up neat and in the right place is a thing of beauty. Unfortunately, not all household projects you use your tools for happen in the garage. Once the tools leave the wall and are thrown in the box or bag you’re using, the disorganization continues. If only there was some way to apply the organizational quality of wallpeg boards in an easily transportable manner….

Well, look no further. One of our customers alerted us to DIY project they came across on how to build a rolling wallpeg tool cart. The project was found on instructables.com, a great website for easy, DIY projects we can all do to. The design is quite genius, it’s basically an easel you might use for painting, but built with wallpeg board instead. The tool cart allows you to transport your tools in an organized manner. In this case the 24″ X 24″ plastic pegboard will work perfectly for this project.

I must warn you, the direction the project takes is a bit more complicated than most other projects on the site. The project calls for some welding which, let’s be honest, is a bit out of your average weekend-warriors wheelhouse. Although, that doesn’t mean the overall design cannot be applied to your own project. There are several different avenues you can take in this project. Many other users posted pictures of their version of the tool cart, many built with wood and screws. You could even make your cart smaller, forgoing the wheels and making it hand held for transporting only a few of your tools. Whatever route you decide, this great design can definitely help you keep your tools organized on the go.


By: David Garcia

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