Artists Recommend WallPeg Store Pegboards!

"Yarn't you glad to have all this stuff organized?" I asked my wife..
“Yarn’t you glad to have all this stuff organized?” I asked my wife..

The artist creates… and that process can get messy.  As you build your modern masterpiece, layer upon layer, basking in its’ nascent glory, you don’t have time to waste putting away your supplies.  You’ve got to conserve your energies for the “creative process”.  But, at some point, it might be nice to find that odd piece of wire or those pliers, without having to hunt under piles of this and that.  Or perhaps, you’ve got an open studio coming up, and instead of being able to enjoy curating your studio to optimal effect, you’re – gasp! – organizing your supplies!

Do you craft?  Are you … crafty?  No, no, not in that sense of the word, but rather in the sense of the word.  Maybe you make your own paper, or you design buttons, or you create handmade veils.  Perhaps you paint your own beads, or you fashion one-off die cuts, or maybe your thing is letterpress or bookbinding.  All those wonderful handicrafts that have become the passion of the DIY, Real Made, Etsy folks in all of us, require lots of very precise tools and gizmos that don’t quite sit well next to that egg beater in your kitchen drawer.  Where should they go?

As a budding artist (or if you work out of your home), you might not have a dedicated studio where you can sprawl out.  Perhaps your workspace is that nook in the corner of your bedroom or next to your kitchen table.  Tight spaces require space-efficient systems for housing your art/craft essentials. Our Wallpeg Store pegboards, which can be tailored to any space, you can create groupings for your art or craft tools that make them easy to find, easy to use, and keep them out of the way when you don’t need them. Check our our Pinterest page to get inspiration for all the many ways that pegboards can be used!

By: David Garcia

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