The Wallpeg Guide to “Hoarding” Recovery

Don't judge a hoarder until you've walked a day in their SHOES...
Don’t judge a hoarder until you’ve walked a day in their SHOES…

“Hoarding”, also referred to as being a “pack rat”, has such a nasty sound to it.  A much better term might be “micro-collector” or “bric-a-brac conservationist”.  When you really think about it, you are doing the world a service by ruthlessly reusing and recycling your wares!  Whatever the term you prefer, it isn’t easy having a knack for collecting knick-knacks.  And once the space-knick-knack threshold is reached, the question becomes, what stays and what goes?  That question can cause untold hours of angst and despair, not to mention procrastination and denial, since obviously everything is important to you, or you wouldn’t have collected it in the first place.  Fear not, we have a solution for you: Wallpeg Store pegboards!  Our pegboards can save your treasures and while saving your free space!

Pegboards Saved My Marriage!

We can’t promise this will be true for you, but if you are finding your conquest of space is threatening to become the “final frontier” for your significant other, you just might thank your lucky stars that you discovered our pegboards.  Knick-knacks like cord or twine, twisties, knitting needles, extra buttons, bobby pins, barrettes, rings, paper clips, visors, art supplies, clothes line pins, sewing supplies, earrings, neckties, pots and pans, wire, phone cords, ribbon, utensils, necklaces, rubber bands, sunglasses, shoe laces, bracelets, and all manner of little odds and ends, can be grouped and organized on our neat pegboards that can be cut to fit any space or nook and cranny in your home (in a closet, on the back of a door, in your cabinet or pantry, and so on).

Others may not understand you, but we do.   It’s not that you have too much stuff, but rather that you need a better system for organizing the wonders you’ve painstakingly collected.  After all, who does everyone turn to when they need that odd bit of raffia?  Why you, of course! So get organized today with pegboards from Wallpeg Store, and shed that unfair label of “hoarder.”

By: David Garcia

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