The Garage Journal – Inspiration for a Garage Junkie

thegaragejournalI you’re a “car guy” or gal, or a general handy person who likes to take good care of their tools and spends a lot of time in the garage, then we’ve got an online mecca for you to check out (if you don’t know about these guys already!).  The Garage Journal is the ultimate place to talk shop and tools, and we recently partnered up with them to be able to offer special discounts for their Alliance members.

On their main blog, they have an entire category dedicated just to garage organization. Being in the business of making and selling garage organization equipment, this section appealed to me most of all. Aside from pegboards, there is a multitude of content on this blog about everything from workbenches to custom or vintage tool-boxes, and a neat little trick to efficiently capture left over oil residue (great for anyone who likes to change their own oil and refuses to go to JiffyLube!).

They also have a complete forum with more discussion on subjects related to garages than you could ever hope to get through.  Although we’ve recently been trying to highlight a lot of the uses for and applications of pegboards outside of the garage (because there are a ton), we sometimes like to pay tribute to a big percentage of our core customers, the “garage junkies” and we see The Garage Journal as a kindred spirit in this regard. Check them out if you have a chance! –

By: David Garcia

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