Another Success Story from Wallpeg!

Today, we are happy to share another story here in the blog. A couple days ago, we received an email from a customer who used our pegboards to organize his paintball gun collection:

“I have been looking for a way to store my pretty large collection of paintball guns for a while now.  I live in a small apartment and I am not working with a ton of space here. In the past, my only option to store my equipment was using several plastic bins. This wasn’t ideal for several reasons: it took up a TON of space in my already cramped room, a lot of my guns would get3654834422_5e4c18b11b_z dinged up, and it just plain looked bad. I was in need of some help, big-time!

A quick search online lead me to pegboards, but I wanted to make sure the stuff I buy holds up. I noticed the board in my Dad’s garage was super beat up and stained, so I wanted to make sure I get a product that will hold up over time. Eventually, I came across the Wallpeg Store.  I was really impressed by the reviews, so I decided to give it a shot. I ordered a couple of Jumbo Pegboards and put them up side-by-side behind my desk. They were easy to put up and fit all my equipment perfectly.

Now having used your pegboard for a couple weeks, I could not imagine life without them! The thing I like the most about these pegboards is that the pegs work without having to raise the board off the wall. If I had to do that, I would have had to move my desk out to make room (which would have been a MAJOR hassle).  My guns aren’t getting damaged, there’s a bit more space in my room, and best of all no more plastic bins!!

Thanks a lot guys!”

Nick F.

Happy to help, Nick. Thanks for the feedback!

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