New Blog Feature: Ask David!

As we were coming up with ideas for new features for the blog, we decided to add a question and answer segment with Wallpeg’s resident interior designer and organizer, David Garcia. David has been in the home improvement business for a long time, and provides great insight on a wide variety of household projects. Today, he helps a reader tackle a tough painting question:


I’m trying to paint a wall in my house, but I just can’t get the painter’s tape to stick to the trim! I wipe it down over and over again and still the tape won’t stick, and it’s driving me nuts!!  Any suggestions?

-Katie S.


Thanks for the question! Tape that won’t stick to your surfaces is one of the most frustrating aspects davidof the painting process.  Many factors such as dust, dirt and general grime can make a surface reject the adhesive on the tape. If you are still having problems after getting the tape on after dusting, more than likely your problem is grease. Oil and grease can accumulate on a surface over time and are not always visible to the naked eye. To eliminate the problem, you are going to need to spray the surface down with a de-greaser before applying tape. Give it 10-15 minutes to completely dry, and then apply your tape. You shouldn’t have any problems after that. You can pick up de-greasers in any store that sells cleaning products, but if you’re dealing with a particularly heavy layer, you might want to look into getting an industrial-strength de-greaser from a hardware store.



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