Your Wallpeg Stories

Last month, we asked out previous customers to send us thier stories about how Wallpeg pegboard and pegboard hooks have impacted thier organizational efforts. Today, we are going to share a couple of those submissions with you:

Small Tool Solution

I needed pegboard for some of my smaller tools. I didn’t want to use the usual brown fiberboard pegboard because I wanted to keep my garage shop brighter (it’s painted white). Wallpeg pegboard was perfect and very easy to install. I didn’t need to concern myself with building a backing structure. I am very pleased with how it turned out.


A satisfied customer

**This customer is using the Standard Pegboard, with the J style, L style, and Box style.

A Basket Weavers Dream

All of this was in 5 drawers,  and it was always hard to keep it sorted,  Half the time I never could find what I needed,  or what I had,  and also trying to keep it from getting tangled and messed up.

I make  baskets out of clothesline, and I use this assortment to decorate the baskets,  The pegboard has  helped to keep it all organized,  And I love that it is white, and hang really nice to the wall. 

 And now when I am ready to embellish a basket, It is all right there to choose from………


Betty Betz

**Betty is using the Standard Pegboard with L style pegboard hooks and part bins

Thank you for sharing your stories! Each customer received a special 20% off coupon for thier submissions.

Have a Wallpeg story you want to share with us? Send a photo and description of your Wallpeg pegboards in use and you too will get a 20% off discount code. All submissions should be sent to 

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