Ask David: Closet Space Organization

Greetings Wallpeg-ers! For this blog post we are back with another question for everyone’s favorite household guru, David Garcia.

As you all may know, David is our in-house interior designer/household project expert, and he especially enjoys help out our readers with any questions they might have with their own projects. Today David tackles a question about maximizing space in the closet.  

Hey David, I just graduated college and moved into my own studio apartment. The problem I am having is with my very small closet space. No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to fit all of my clothes in there neatly. I have gotten rid everything piece I could and there is still not enough room on my rack. Any suggestions? – Kristen F. Berkeley, CA

Hey Kristen, Congrats on graduating! It must be very exciting to strike out on your own. I have seen people deal with this issue in many ways, but my favorite (and most cost efficient) involves the use of soda can tabs.

Simply slide a soda can tab through the hook of your hanger. Next hang a second hanger using the empty hole in the tab. It’s great because you can hang to articles of clothing while only taking up the space of one hanger on your rack!

You end up doubling the space on your rack, and giving yourself a lot more room to work with. Not only is it quite clever, but very cost efficient as well.

The only suggestion I would make is avoid hanging heavier articles of clothing like winter coats on the offset hanger. The tabs are made from aluminum, which is not the strongest metal in the world. Hanging lighter clothing like T shirts will insure that the tabs won’t break. Thanks for the question Kristen! -David