Quick Organization Tips for your Garage

In several of our past blog posts we have featured garage organization projects, but today we are going to look at a few simple ideas that can be completed in a few minutes rather than a few hours. Not everyone has the luxury of several hours to spend on a project, so we found some quick organizational fixes for the extra busy DIYers.

Pie Tin Holders

Circular tools and apietinsccessories can be difficult to organize. Sanding pads can easily get mixed up, and circular saw blades can be a safety hazard lying on your work bench. A neat trick to get these items up off the workbench is to take an average pie tin and cut it in half, and then simply drill the half pie tin to the wall. Now you can store and organize your sanding pads by grit, and have a safe place to put your circular blades.


Garden Tool Organizers

Oftentimes our gardentoolgarden tools like rakes, shovels, and shears get tossed in a corner of the garage, all ready to tumble over if you happen to bump into them. To avoid this potential mess, cut PVC pipe into 3-4 inch segments and drill them to the wall (2 segments of pipe per tool). This way every tool has its place and keeps your corners clutter free. Remember to give yourself about 5 inches in between segment of pipe so you have enough room between the tools.





Bucket Hose Holder

There is700_martha-stewart-bucket-hose-holder_large_jpg nothing more frustrating than a knotted, tangled hose. Not only is it a pain to untangle, but the stress  caused by the tangles can lead to tears in the hose. The best way to avoid this is storing your hose neatly. A great way to do is to take a galvanized metal bucket and drill/bolt it to the wall (make sure to drill in three places for proper support). An added bonus to this technique is you can use the bucket to store any hose attachments.

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