Arts and Crafts: Cross Stitch on your Pegboard!

Cross stitching is one of the oldest styles of embroidery and is practiced all over the world. In short, cross stitching involves making X-shaped stitches in a tiled pattern to form a picture. It is a fun, challenging art project that required a keen eye, steady hands, and abundant patience. In fact, cross stitching has experienced a renaissance among the younger generation in the United Kingdom.

As cross stitching rises in popularity, people are starting to apply cross stitching Peg-Board-1-520x780techniques to materials other than cloth. We just happened to come across a DIY project that involves painting a cross stitch pattern on pegboard!

The project itself is quite simple: just apply the map for the cross stitching pattern to the pegboard, and paint the X’s instead of stitch them. Of course you could try using actual string/yarn to create the X, but if you are looking to actually use the pegboard to hang things paint won’t get in the way of the hooks.

We thought this was a really fun and unique spin on sprucing up your pegboard, but we also thought it could be improved on a bit. You might have noticed that average, everyday pegboard is used in the project referenced. Unfortunately, the brown background of that type of pegboard fails to give the colors that “pop” we would have liked to see. Of course, had they used Wallpeg Jumbo Pegboard, painting the board any desired color would have been easy. That great rose pattern would have looked amazing on a black or white pegboard.

If any of our readers decide to try this project out on their own Wallpeg pegboards, Send us a picture. We would love to see how creative our customers are!

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