Holiday Gift Ideas For Dad

The holidays are upon us again, and that means tackling the often-difficult task of buying gifts for our family members. Personally, the hardest person to shop for in my family is my Dad. It seems like he says the same thing every year: “I don’t want anything”. Unfortunately, this is not really an option, as my Mom would surely kill me if I skipped Dad’s gift on Christmas.

So for everyone with a garage-dwelling father like mine, here are a few gift ideas that they are sure to love:


Micro-Fi Smartphone Bluetooth Speakers

If your dad is Micro-Fi-Smartphone-Bluetooth-Speakerslooking to junk the big, bulky sound system for something a bit smaller and efficient, this speaker set is perfect. The system can adjust to fit any sized smartphone or tablet, and the Bluetooth streaming capabilities eliminates the need for excess wires. Crafted out of natural wood, these speakers will look great in any garage set up.

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Ball Claw

The Ball Clbcbb-indexaw takes all the sports balls that your Dad has been tripping over for years and secures them quickly and easily to the wall of your garage. They come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate footballs, basketballs, volleyballs and basketballs. Both your father and his ankles will thank you.

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DryGuy TurboDry

Late nights working in tslide_1-newhe garage often means bundling up to deal with cold. With this portable shoe dryer, your dad can warm or dry his work boots or shoes quickly and efficiently.

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