Metals Hooks vs Flex Lock Hooks

In past posts, we have explained to our readers the benefits of our plastic pegboard over the standard wood fiber-based pegboard you find in most hardware stores. Today, we are going to look at the hooks, and what makes our Flex Lock pegboard hooks superior.

Metal Hooks

The metal hook has been the standard accessory of pegboards for many years. Their popularity still remains a mystery to us, as they are the most space inefficient accessories you could use. Regular metal hooks hang unsecured on pegboard, and need held down by a separate plastic lock.

Flex Lock hooks do not require fasteners, giving you added space for more tools
Flex Lock hooks do not require fasteners, giving you added space for more efficient organization

The problem with the lock is that it requires the peg holes on both sides of the hook to properly keep the hook in place, taking up space and limiting the usable space on the board. Of course you could forgo the locks in favor of more space on your pegboard, but you will be spending a lot of time picking up hooks that have fallen off the wall.

Flex Lock Hooks

Our Flex Lock hooks are specifically designed to fit with our pegboard, and in turn provide a level of function unmatched by metal hooks. Simply press the Flex Lock hook into the pegboard

and you are done. No fasteners, no wasted space, just a strong, sturdy hook to hang your tool quickly and efficiently. Plus, you don’t have to worry about trying to make your tools fit hooks that were not designed to accommodate them. We have both J style and L style hooks, as well as box pegs (for pliers or wrenches) and spring pegs (for screwdrivers and punches of all sizes).


In the end, pegboard is about organization. Not just for tools, but for jewelry, toys, or any kind of equipment that you need off the ground. Our Flex Lock hooks make sure that your stuff stays off the ground, exactly where you want it.


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