Garage Security Tips

home-invasionPreventing home invasions in an unfortunate but necessary procedure that must be addressed by every homeowner. Many homeowners take steps to install security measures in their home but fail to include the garage in their plans. This can prove to be a fatal mistake as thieves often look to the garage for easy access to the house. Here are a few easy fixes to take to safeguard your garage and keep thieves out of your home.


Enforce the Side Door

Most unattached garages have a side door as a second point of access, and will often feature a sub-par lock and hinge mechanisms. This gives thieves the perfect opportunity to achieve a quick entry into the garage. To fortify your door, first upgrade your dead bolt. Look for the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) rating on the package; the best will have a Grade 1 rating. Next make sure to anchor your door hinges with longer screws. Its common to use ¾ inch screws, but a show of brute force will rip them right out. Remove one of the smaller screws closest to the weather stripping and replace it with a 3-inch screw. This will keep your door from being kicked in easily. For attached garages, apply these fixes to the door that leads inside the home.


Fortify Your Glass

If the thief cannot quickly manipulate the door for entry, they will most likely look to break a window. The best way to protect your windows is Anti-Shatter Film. This invisible film is placed over your window and when struck, keeps the broken glass intact and the thief out. A thief will not want to risk getting caught by staying too long to try to get by the film. An added benefit that the film provides is security without the presence of un-aesthetically pleasing metal bars.


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