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Artists Recommend WallPeg Store Pegboards!

The artist creates… and that process can get messy.  As you build your modern masterpiece, [...]

The Wallpeg Guide to “Hoarding” Recovery

“Hoarding”, also referred to as being a “pack rat”, has such a nasty sound to [...]

The Garage Journal – Inspiration for a Garage Junkie

I you’re a “car guy” or gal, or a general handy person who likes to [...]

Finally Getting Organized This Year

It is now 2013 and it’s time to get started on some of those resolutions [...]

New Years Organization

So it’s the holidays. Christmas is wrapping up and now it’s the time of the [...]

Wallpeg Store Holiday Coupon

Congratulations for reading our blog loyal customers! You are now privy to our holiday coupon [...]

Pegboards: Great for Organizing More than Just Tools…

Here at Wallpeg headquarters, we’ve received a lot of messages from clients over the past [...]