New Years Organization

So it’s the holidays. Christmas is wrapping up and now it’s the time of the year to… start thinking about next year? Yes, that’s right, we only have a couple days left and its on to next year.

This year was a whirlwind of fun, and there is nothing better than rounding out a year with some apocalyptic buzz. Much to everyone’s enjoyment (and for some disappointment) the end of the world did not happen. What are you going to do will all the free time now!

One thing that starts every year is everyone saying that they are going to start organizing their house and clean up better. Probably only 50 percent of people end up following through with that, but for the few that do, they are certainly happier for it. If you are part of the other half that actually wants to follow through this year then a good place to start is your garage.

The garage is where all your junk goes to retire. It’s the last place it sits before the final dump. Kind of like Florida, it gets hot and musty, there are always interesting and different smells, its infested with bugs and you never want to stay there longer than you have to.

Organizing your garage is a great place to start the big clean up though. Once you have your garage all-together and all the junk thrown out, then you can move all the junk from your house into the garage once again. That way you have something to do next year. 

This is the garage junk life-cycle and it is the way home ownership works. Lucky for you, you’re reading this blog and know how to be prepared. For the garage a wallpeg organizer is perfect for getting all the stuff you want to keep out of the way, so you never have to look for it or worry about throwing it away in the future.

The set we find most people love to start with is the 24″ x 96″ Wallpeg peg board kit. From here you can decide if you want to move up or add on to the whole set up. For ideas on what you can hang and how, look at some of our other posts. Thanks and happy holidays!

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