Wallpeg Store Holiday Coupon

Congratulations for reading our blog loyal customers! You are now privy to our holiday coupon code to receive 10% off your total order with us.

Go ahead and tell your friends because this code will only last until January 1, 2013. So if you know someone who is in need of a new pegboard, let him or her know where to go.

We are also proud to say we are now one of the new sponsors for Garagejournal.com. This is a really great site for anyone interested in having their garage be their workstation or if you are like these guys on this site, it’s more like your “home away from home.”

We have been hearing from a lot of our customers recently about all the different ways they are using our pegboards. We get a lot of the standard pictures and stories of guys finally organizing their garage and putting their tools in perfect order. And we love to see that. The creativity that some of these guys have in setting up their workspace is really great.

We have been also seeing some other uses that we were not expecting. Similar to some of our other blog posts, we have been seeing a lot of women using their pegboards to organize their jewelry. They find it much easier to pick and choose what they want when it is hanging up right in front of them.

We have also seen some customers turn their pegboards into a sewing workstation. This particular client used the 24″ x 96″ Wallpeg Peg Board Kit to organize all her different types of yarn, string, and everything else she had in a really organized way. All her different types of scissors where hung up and neatly organized next to hanging baskets that held her other tools.

The other really great uses we saw were pegboards in the kitchen. Some of our customers used them to hang up all their different pots and pans in a really organized fashion on the plastic pegboard strip. These were especially helpful for the people who did not have much cabinet space in their kitchen, and this allowed them to utilize more wall space.

Keep sending us in all your different uses for pegboards, we love to hear about them. And don’t forget our 10% off holiday coupon code – XMAS2013

Happy Holidays!

By: David Garcia

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