Top 10 Home Improvement Fails in GIF Format

Tackling and completing a home improvement project can be incredibly rewarding. Whether it’s a relatively simple undertaking such as repainting painting a closet, or a long and arduous task like a complete kitchen remodel, property owners can look at the results with pride knowing that they contributed to the enhancement of their home with their own two hands. That being said, even though not all of us possess the technical skill and knowledge to properly execute every home improvement job, its doesn’t stop budding DIYers from trying! Our Wallpeg home organization products are simple and easy to install for everyone. However, that’s not the case with many other products and projects. Below you will find 10 examples from homeowners and construction pros alike, of what NOT to do when undertaking a home improvement or renovation project:



Removing a weeds and shrubs from your front yard is one thing, but if you have a 45 foot tree crowding your yard, your best bet is to leave it to pros if you want it removed. This GIF shows you that how disastrous (and potentially dangerous) the results can be.

Without a Beam to Stand On

painful construction accident

Doing heavy construction requires you to be constantly aware of your work site and surroundings. While the worker in this GIF seem to have walked away okay after being unaware he was partially standing on a ledge he was demolishing, it goes to show you that not paying attention can lead to bad accidents.

Long Hair and Powertools don’t Mix!

powertool in hair

The general rule with power tools is if you have long hair, you better make sure its pulled up and out of the way of your work. Otherwise, you could be in for a pretty bad hair day!

Close Call with a Roof Demo

Roof fail

Demolition can be fun, but if you are not paying attention to the weight bearing areas you can be looking at a potentially dangerous situation as proven above.

I Have an Idea!

broken cylinder

While these guys deserve some credit for the creative idea, it should have dawned on them that two small tires were not going save a giant piece of concrete!

Watch Out!

welding snap

Have you ever been walking in front of someone who pushes a tree branch out of the way only to have it whip back around a hit you square in the face?  Now imagine that branch is an iron beam and you will feel this amateur metal workers pain. Luckily he was cognizant enough to wear a welder’s mask or he would have been seriously hurt.

Dropping the Hammer

kid demolition

A home improvement project can be a great opportunity for some father and son bonding, but you might think about waiting a while before giving the little guy a full-size hammer to swing.

Going for a Ride

plywood surfing

Without another set of hands to pass that big piece of plywood off to, this poor guy resorted to simply tossing it up on the roof. The results were… less than ideal.

It’s a Dirty Job…

wheelbarrow to the face

Using a wheel barrel to haul heavy materials up to a dumpster? Chances are your ramp will to need to be a bit more than a single, slippery 2×4.

The Wrong Tool for the Job

tool fail

It’s always good to check your tools before starting a project, or you might end up in a situation like this!

Even though there are plenty of ways for a home improvement or construction projects can go wrong, it should not discourage you from trying (as long as you are being careful and know when to ask for help, of course). In fact, there are a ton of products and tools out there that can make any average project a lot less complicated, just like how Wallpeg products help simplify household organization. If you take the time to rationally plan out and prepare for your projects, you will help prevent a lot of the problems we saw in the GIFs above.