Ingenious Holiday Organization Ideas

holiday decoration and ornament organization with Wallpeg Store pegboards

It’s hard to believe that the 2017 holiday season will soon be underway. Many people start panicking at this time of year wondering how they will get everything done and keep everything organized. Fortunately, there’s still plenty of time to incorporate some new organization strategies that allow people to enjoy the holidays instead of feeling stressed about them.

For example, professional organizers often advise their clients to start with their closets. This will help to free up storage space for new holiday gifts and more. The old standby to throw away or donate anything not used in a year is still a good idea. Separate clothes by season and store anything that family members won’t wear for several months in another location. Go through everything in the closet to see if the item is truly still useful. Here are some other holiday organization tips to consider:

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    Segmented cardboard box to store ornaments: It’s best to refrain from storing ornaments in an attic or basement as the humidity and temperature level changes dramatically throughout the year. Instead, gather a large wine box or purchase a segmented box from a store and place each ornament in it individually. This helps to protect the ornament from nicks and scratches as well as damage from heat, cold, and humidity. Once packed, consider storing the box in an upstairs closet or under the bed.

  2. Garment bag to store rolls of wrapping paper: Most people have had the experience of buying several rolls of wrapping paper only to find the ones from last year the next day. It’s also common to find crushed rolls of wrapping paper in the closet due to throwing it in there haphazardly. A solution to both of these dilemmas is to place all rolls of wrapping paper, whether holiday-themed or not, into a garment bag and hang it in an easy-to-see location.
  3. Make a budget and take inventory: It’s very easy to overspend at the holidays without a budget. To avoid this, create a gift list and budget for each person on it. Remember that people appreciate simple, homemade, and heartfelt gifts just as much as something more elaborate. Additionally, take inventory of holiday items already in the house to avoid buying duplicates.
  4. Use a Wallpeg Store pegboard storage solution: Pegboards are a tried and tested storage solution. These classic items consist of tough polymer plastic and easy to use, pre-drilled holes in a grid pattern. Homeowners can keep them in the house, garage, or both. Pegboards are a handy way to store hanging Christmas tree ornaments, lights, stockings, and other essentials of the season. Choose from a wide variety of hook and accessory types in our store to use pegboards with a multitude of household items. It’s a fast and simple process that yields a lot of new storage space.

The holidays are about spending time with loved ones. People can avoid the stress and burnout by getting organized and then not pushing themselves to do more than they can realistically accomplish.