The Best Garage Products Featured at CES 2018

CES, or the Consumer Electronics Show, is quite simply the crown jewel of tech shows. Since 1967, companies from all around the world have come to showcase the latest and greatest in technological innovation, hoping to unveil the hottest and best selling gadget of the year. In fact, items like the VCR (1970) and Blu-Ray Discs (2004) were both introduced to the world at CES. While the genius of Wallpeg Store’s product comes from their simplicity, we appreciate any innovation that helps garage organization!

While you will definitely see no shortage of TV’s, video game consoles, and other entertainment products, CES also features a fair amount of home improvement tech on display as well.

Below you will find some of this years noteworthy household gadgets aiming to help you achieve the garage of the future!

Roost Smart Garage Door Sensor

Roost, an industry leader in Wi-Fi connected household products, has unveiled their Smart Garage Door Sensor, allowing residents to know the state of their garage door at any given time. Utilizing a mobile app, a user can check to see if their garage door is open or closed at any given time. Alerts can also be customized based on specific times. By sending customizable alerts and notifications to a users smartphone, users can be alerted if the garage door is open or closed as they are coming home from work or their kids are getting home from school. This gadget is perfect for folks who use their garage door as their primary entrance to their home, adding an extra layer of household security and piece of mind.


Hanging bulkier items from the ceiling is a great way to free up valuable space in the garage, but its often much more work than its worth. Retrieving items can be a hassle, not to mention a poorly secured item can become a serious safety hazard if it fell. Homeowners looking to significantly upgrade their ceiling storage system should look no further than MyLifter. The Mylifter is a motorized pulley device that can be mounted to the garage ceiling and once paired with their MyLifer app, controlled with a smartphone. The app give the user the ability to program custom lifted and lowered points so items are accessible with the touch of a button. Each individual pulley system can lift up to 50 pounds and can be linked to 3 additional systems, allowing multiple items can be stored with ease.

Chamberlain MyQ Home Bridge

With the MyQ Home Bridge, Chamberlain has created a near perfect central hub for remotely controlling your garage door. The Home Bridge, when paired with a MyQ compatible garage door opener and app, allows a user to open and close the garage door remotely, create schedules to have the door open/close at specific times, and receive real-time update of all garage door activity. The Home Bridge is also compatible with  Apple’s smart home app HomeKit, so iPhone users have the added ability to control their garage door through voice commands.