4 Great Ideas for Making Use of Those Garage Walls

It shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that out off all the rooms and areas in a home, the garage walls get the least amount of aesthetic attention. We all spend a ton of time getting our living room, dining room and kitchen looking nice and sharp, but the garage always tends to end up with the unfinished or “bare bones” look and feel. Although, just because it’s mainly used for storage doesn’t mean that the garage wall have to be void of style and increased function. Lets look at a few ideas that can help turn your garage into the room that you cant wait to show off!


We are quite big fans of the pegboard option, for obvious reasons! To put it simply, pegboards will give your garage walls the highest level of versatility and functionality, allowing you to store tools, art supplies, craft materials, and anything else reserved for your shelves and drawers. Given all of the additional storage provided, pegboards can help free up valuable storage space on the ground as well.

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Scrap Pallet Wood Walls

If you are looking something a bit more appealing than sheetrock or drywall for your garage walls, think about using the slats from old pallets to give your garage a rustic, reclaimed look. Beyond the style factor, there is no shortage of scrap pallets available for projects like these, making it quite cost effective. (A great place to check are online classified ads, you will often find folks practically giving them away!)

Low Maintenance Materials

Not everyone is looking to do something special with their garage walls, but would look towards a simple, low-maintenance option. Plastic or Fiberglass reinforced panels will do just the trick. These panels will not succumb to mold or mildew, can be cleaned easily, and painted if need be. It’s the perfect choice for the homeowner who favors simplicity and durability in their garage.

Garage-Inspired Art

Much like it can for the other rooms in your home, art can definitively spruce up your garage walls. This idea is perfect for someone drawing inspiration from garages of the 50’s and 60’s, when they were more of a workshop and hangout space than a storage space. While you can never go wrong with vintage pieces inspired by old school auto shops (such as old license plates, neon signs, posters and other Americana), you can choose to hang whatever peaks your interest.

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Regardless of what you decide to do with your garage walls, it would be wise to check with your local building and fire codes to see if there are any restrictions to the types of material you can use. In some cases, city code will require you to use drywall in your garage due to its ability to slow the spread of heat and fire. If you find out that it is indeed required, you can always choose to utilize your material of choice over the drywall.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can use to upgrade your garage walls, but the ideas listed above only scratch the surface of possibilities. You never know when inspiration will hit you, so maybe the perfect idea for you and your garage is right around the corner!