A 12-Month Plan for Total Home Organization

home organization guide

A New Year starts and many of us resolve to get our lives more organized, and that process certainly involves the home. However, standing in the way of achieving total home organization is usually a staggering amount of clutter. It doesn’t take long for household clutter to start getting out of hand. The longer you put off the task of organizing, the harder it all becomes.

For years, Wallpeg has passionately designed and developed pegboard organization systems to help everyone achieve a clutter-free home, from the garage and shed, to the kitchen, to closets and more. We are confident that the utilizing our tools, from the Wallpeg Pro Kit to the Garage On-Track Kit, can help you reach that goal, but these tools will be most effective if applied to an overarching household organization strategy.

The infographic below (by Peter Walsh) offers a great starting point for anyone looking to make 2017 the least cluttered and disorganized year to date! Not only does it lay out an awesome month-to-month plan on tasks to tackle, it highlights the importance of getting a jump on organizing non-household related items like tax and insurance paperwork. However you decide to implement these ideas in your own home, you will be well on your way towards total home organization!

Total home organization infographi

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