7 Great Ways to Use Pegboard Shelves

One of the most frequent requests we get from customers is for a shelving unit that works in conjunction with our pegboards and all of the other great pegboard accessories we offer. After serious consideration into the design, we are more than happy to announce the arrival of the Wallpeg pegboard shelves!

These shelves, great for any and every item not fit for hanging on a hook or throwing in a bin, are the perfect way to fill out our accessories. The brackets that hold the shelf in place are fitted with the same Flex-Lock technology that makes our pegboard hooks stay right where they are supposed to be. Today we are going throw out a few ideas on how you can use our shelves to further maximize your organizational efforts.

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1) Miscellaneous Garage Materials

This most likely goes without saying, but there are plenty of tools and items in your garage that are not appropriate for our traditional hooks. Aerosol and spray bottle cleaning supplies, motor oil, work gloves, and a plethora of other items can get out of the way and onto the shelf.

2) Model Displays

Hobbyists unite! After putting in the time and effort into your build, whether that be model cars, trains, airplanes or figurines, you will most definitely want to display your work for everyone to see. These shelves are a great way to display the fruits of your labor along side all of your tools and materials.

3) Store Displays

One of the greatest characteristics of our pegboard hooks is how they can be installed and removed with ease, and our shelf brackets are no different. Store displays, especially front window displays, are always changing so our pegboard shelves are a great way to show off new products and limit setup and breakdown time.

4) Trade Show Displays

Travel frequently with tons of product? Pegboard shelving could become your new best friend! You can leave those bulky and cumbersome display units at home in favor of one of our pegboards and a few pegboard shelves. The shelf itself takes up minimal room allowing you to carry more shelves and potentially display more products.

5) Office Supply Organization

Most offices have a room specifically for office supplies, and as employees come in and out rummaging for pens and notebooks it can get pretty messy pretty quick. Adding a few pegboards and a few pegboard shelving units really make a difference in keeping office supplies organized. Loose items like post it not packs, scotch tape, and pens can be stored on the wall and free up cabinet space needed for larger items.

6) Kitchen Organization

Already using our pegboards to hang up pots and pans and other cookware? Try adding our pegboard shelves into the mix organize and keep items like spices, hot sauces, and other condiments on hand while cooking your favorite dishes.

7) Kid’s Toys

There is no more of a “sigh”-inducing site for a parent than seeing their child’s toys strewn across their bedroom or the living room (especially after tripping or stubbing their toe on them!). Pegboard shelves are a perfect way to get those action figures, dolls, matchbox cars, or any other toy off the floor.