10 Tips for Better Pegboard Storage & Organization

From tools to jewelry organization to kitchen supplies and more, pegboards are a multi-purpose organizational tool. Below are 10 tips for getting stuff organized using our pegboards:

1. Conquer a Cluttered Garage

One of the most practical uses for pegboard is in the garage. With garages being the de-facto storage space for everything from tools and sports equipment to holiday decorations and other knick-knacks, keeping everything neat and organized makes life a lot easier.

2. Look for Pegboard Kits for Convenience

The pegboards available at general home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowes comes a dime-a-dozen, and will most likely leave a customer looking for it to accomplish a specific organizational goal unsatisfied. If you are looking to tackle an organizational project in a specific room, like a craft room or closet, look for custom, specialized kits to better serve your needs.

Pegboard Kit
WallPeg E-Z Mount Pegboard System

3. Use Pegboards for Creativity and Utility

High-quality pegboard kits can help accomplish a wide variety of organizational needs, so feel free to let your creativity shine through. A pegboard organizational project can be utilized to accent and brighten a room just as well as it can organize it.

4. Proper Planning is Essential

Organization projects should be organized based on the items and how you use them. Making sure you are grouping your items together correctly (for example, grouping your tools separate from your craft materials) is crucial.

5. Consider Specialized Pegboard Hooks

When organizing tools, take into account the weight of the tools to ensure that the peg hooks will be strong enough to support them. Pegboard storage bins can be used for smaller items like drill bits and screws while stronger, bigger peghooks can be used to support hammer and screwdrivers.

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6. Clutter-Free Means Less Stress

Nothing beats the feeling of having a completely organized home. Aside from a lack of clutter, organization provides a stress-free piece of mind.

7. One Room at a Time

A complete house wide organizational project is a daunting task, so it’s better to start with one room or area at a time. Its best to start with areas that get most used first, like the living room or the garage, in order to start experiencing the positive effects as soon as possible.

8. Don’t be Afraid to Hire Help

Are you lacking the time, patience or skills to spearhead an organizational project? Have no fear; there are plenty of resources online to help provide good tips and strategies to keep things as simple and stress free as possible. You can even hire organizational consultants to help plan and execute your goals.

9. Get Crafting Supplies Under Control

Crafting areas are prone to disorganization, what with the tools and materials generally being small and prone to being cluttered. Tackling the craft room should be a top priority on your organizational task list.

10. Plan. Important Enough to Mention Twice

Before jumping into a project, it’s crucial to plan ahead. This will ensure you have a good plan of action and all the right materials before you even start.

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