Celebrating the Fourth Safely: Firework Guidelines

firework_safetyCelebrating the Fourth of July is steeped in rich tradition, with the day filled with barbeques, parades, and to top it off, fireworks. In my opinion, there is not better way to end a great Fourth then with an awesome firework display. Laws regarding fireworks can vary from state to state and even from city to city, but if you live in an area that allows them make sure you are taking the proper steps to avoid accidents.


  • Before buying fireworks, review your state or cities guidelines (for example, Texas does not allow any fireworks with over 50 mg of explosive material, like Cherry Bombs and M-80’s)
  • Choose a area clear of trees and leaves and far from houses and buildings.
  • Light ONE firework at a time.
  • If a firework appears to be a “dud” after lighting, wait 10-15 minutes, approach with caution, and dispose of it in water. Do not try to reignite it.
  • Keep fireworks and lighters/matches away from small children.
  • Do NOT light fireworks inside glass or metal containers.
  • Even after a firework has been successfully set-off, soak it in water before throwing them in the trash. There could be stray embers in the tube that could ignite your trash.
  • Do NOT aim or throw a firework at anyone.
  • Do NOT light any other part of the firework except the wick.
  • Do NOT light off fireworks while under the influence of alcohol.
  • In the case of a serious emergency, call 911 immediately
  • If you have any left over, store in a cool, dry and secure place.


At the end of the day, firework safety is all about common sense. If it seems like a bad idea, it probably is. From everyone here at Wallpeg, we hope you have a fun, relaxing, and safe Fourth of July!

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