DIY Summertime Fun!

Now that summer is finally upon us, how many times have you heard the kids say “we’re so bored, there is nothing to do” while sitting on the couch flipping channels? One of the toughest tasks parents have during a time where entertainment is rapidly becoming more digital is making sure they get outside and play. If you are looking for fresh ideas to get your kids moving, try some of these fun activates:


 Make Your Own Cornhole Set

cornhole20001If have done some tailgating this summer, chances are you have played a few games of cornhole. Cornhole is a game that involves two angled platforms with a hole drilled out towards the top, and beanbags. Players on opposite side take turns tossing the beanbags on their opponents platforms, with the goal to either get the bag to stay on the platform, or make it in the hole. It’s a simple, yet addicting game that can be played one-on-one or with teams. You can also make a fun DIY project out of it by building and customizing your own platforms/beanbags!

You can find all the plans and materials you will need here.


Tarp Target Practice

tarpsWe have all played those amusement park games where you try to toss a football into the different target holes for a prize, and this simple idea lets you bring that game to your backyard. All you need is a big plastic tarp and a box cutter. First, cut out targets of various shapes and sizes, assigning point to each target. Next, simply string it up and start throwing!


Giant Bubble Wands

bubble-wand1At first mention, kids might not be too excited about bubbles. Although they might warm up to the idea when you tell them just how big they can get. It doesn’t take much to mix some bubble soap together and attach some string to a couple sticks or dowels. If you follow the instructions below, you can make bubbles six to eight feet long!

You can find instructions here.

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