Last Minute Home Improvement Projects

238967With summer winding down, you may be looking around the house for one last project to undertake while the weather is still great. In that case, you want to look for a project that are quick, easy, and can pay dividends. If you are racking your brain for a home improvement project, try some of these ideas!


Re-Paint the Patio Furniture

Wicker patio furniture gives your outdoor area a nice classic look, but over time the paint can crack and peel. Giving the furniture a fresh coat of paint can instantly make them look like new. First, use a semi-soft brush and vacuum to knock off loose paint flakes. After that get a couple cans of your favorite enamel spray paint and start painting. Remember to make sure you are in a well-ventilated area and have a proper respirator before starting.


Caulk Around the Windows

Taking the time to inspect and re-caulk windows will not only make the seals look better, but perform better as well. If you come across a bad seal, you can use a putty knife or 5-in-1 tool to scrape it off. Putting new caulk over old caulk is unsightly and only masks the underlying issue, so removing the old caulk is crucial. Applying new caulk will also help lower energy costs by keeping heat/air conditioning from leaking out of the house.


Repair Concrete Surfaces

Cracks in concrete surfaces, whether it’s your garage or driveway, can pose a tripping threat and should be repaired before causing harm. With smaller cracks, simply use concrete caulk to fill it in but with larger, more prominent cracks you will need to use patch. No matter the size of the crack, make sure you remove as much dust and debris from the crack so that the caulk will take hold.

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