Wallpeg Stories: Basement Reorganization!

Once again, we are back with a great customer-submitted story! This one comes from John, who recently used some of our products to re-organize and re-vamp his basement:

unnamedRecently I had to have my 115 year old basement walls re-pointed and painted with drylok. To do this I had to move everything away from the walls  into a giant mess of a pile in the middle of the basement.

It was very difficult, work benches had to be taken down, walls and framing needed to be removed and 20 years of accumulated stuff had to be sorted.  It was harder to prepare than it was to get the work done!

Once it was completed, it was time to reorganize.  I choose the Wallpeg product because the old press wood  peg-board was disgusting, moldy and warped. The appeal of Wallpeg, especially for basement use, is the resistance to moisture.

It took about 3 weeks to reframe the walls and rebuild the work bench, make shelves, etc. However the best part of the project was the Wallpeg board with the Wallpeg hooks.  The variety of hooks (spring clamps, J-hooks, box hooks, etc.) made organizing my tools so easy. They have never been this organized!

I purchased the 32×72 kit and some extra spring hooks. What a bargain and what great quality!


John H.

Thanks John, there is a 20% off discount code coming your way! Have a Wallpeg story you want to share with us? Send a photo and description of your Wallpeg pegboards in use and you too will get a 20% off discount code. All submissions should be sent to promotions@wallpegstore.com. 

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