10 Great DIY Storage Ideas Besides Pegboards

While pegboard storage solutions really do solve just about any organization problem that life can throw your way, we understand the desire for variety.  There may be some items around your house right now that would make fantastic organization hacks.

So we that in mind, as we look ahead to the holidays and the dawn of 2016 in just a few short weeks, here are ten great DIY storage ideas besides pegboards that are inexpensive, innovative, and will have you de-cluttered in no time.

1. Pallets

pallet organizer
Image Credit: Brit + Co

Many people actually do have pallets lying around and creating interesting things with pallets has now become all the rage.  There are some great organization ideas involving pallets.   Paint and hang them on your wall to create a multi-level hanging space for tools or even pictures and artwork.

2. Crates

Crate organization
Image Credit: Brit + Co

While not a new idea, using crates for storage space works like a charm and you can paint any size and configuration of these to meet your storage needs.  You can also nail crates to your wall, creating storage space inside, and a wall shelf on top.

3. Toilet Paper Rolls

Image Credit: LifeHack
Image Credit: LifeHack

What household doesn’t produce a ton of these, right?  Use empty toilet paper rolls to organize your extension cords, loose knitting yarn, and computer or cell phone cords.  Better yet, decorate them with fancy colors and designs so that they never get lost.

4. Shoe Hanger

She hanger organization
Image Credit: The Land of Nod

Those over the door shoe racks are great for storing shoes, but they can do so much more.  These are a wonderful storage solution for cleaning supplies in your laundry room or anything in a children’s room.  Just think how many toys could fit in one of these!

5. Bungee Cords

bungee organizer
Image Credit: HackADay

Bungee Cords are one of the ultimate organization tools.  Wrap them around items to keep them contained or create a bungee cord wall organizer for smaller items such as sunglasses or scarves. Another great use for bungee cords is to organize wrapping paper along the wall in a closet.

6. Rolling Storage

Rolling Storage
Image Credit: LifeHack

Storage that moves can be a beautiful thing.  Whether you need to store laundry and cleaning supplies, your craft goodies, or maybe a stack of heavy books, a rolling basket or cart is the perfect solution to save your back and some precious space.  These also make great under the bed storage solutions.

7. Necklace/Belt Holder

Necklace and belt organizer using clothespins
Image Credit: LifeHack

It’s surprising how many people have piles of those old fashioned clothespins lying around.  An excellent way to make use of these is to glue them to a piece of wood and turn them into a belt and jewelry holder system in your closet – very functional and trendy.

8. Ice Cubes and Eggs

ice cube tray jewelry organizer
Image Credit: Brit + Co

Organize the little things in your life with empty ice cube trays and egg cartons.  Whether it be for office supplies or jewelry, these are the perfect little modular storage devices that fit perfectly in drawers, in cubbies, or on shelves.

9. Spice Racks

spice rack organization for non-spices
Image Credit: Made from Pinterest

Who knew that spice racks weren’t just for spices?  Whether you cook or not, having several spice racks on hand is a great way to organize things like your medications, nail polishes, and even books.

10. Wine Rack

wine rack organization
Image Credit: Pretty Prudent

Even if you are not a wine connoisseur, a wine rack can make a pretty fabulous storage solution for anything from clothing to knitting supplies to your rolls of wrapping paper.

As you set up your great pegboard storage systems, also take a look around your home to see what other sorts of opportunities you have to declutter and get organized.  Simplicity is often where you’ll find many of the best storage ideas and chances are that you have many of these items on hand right now.

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