Spring Cleaning Tips to Organize Your Home and Life

10 Ways to Organize Your Home – and Your Life

If you want the space you live in to be cleaner, neater and tidier, you have two basic choices. You could take downsizing to the extreme, filling up the garbage bags and hauling your extra stuff to the curb. Or you could get smart about in-home storage and build organizational tricks into every room.

The second solution has a number of important advantages, starting with the opportunity to keep the stuff you really need. If you are smart about organizing, you can avoid the extreme downsizing while still keeping the clutter at bay.

Here are 11 clever storage and organizational tips for every part of your home.

Use a pegboard with peg hooks, accessory bins, and shelving to organize everything from tools to jewelry to kitchen utensils to home office supplies.

Hang S-hooks from your closet rod and use them to store your jeans and other pants. Storing jeans and dress pants can be a real challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Just hang some large S-hooks from the rod in your closet and reclaim your lost storage space.

Increase storage space with drawer organizers. A drawer organizer can more than double your storage space, so grab a few and revel in the results.

Use underbed storage drawers to clear away the clutter. You do not have to buy a new bed frame to enjoy better organization. Just slide some storage drawers under your bed and reclaim your lost closet space.  

Make laundry day easier with a door-mounted hamper. No one looks forward to laundry day, but you can make this unpleasant task easier with a door or wall-mounted hamper. Just stash your dirty clothes away and grab the hamper on laundry day.

Roll away the clutter with a portable shelving unit. A portable storage solution can be a real organizational advantage, so invest in a set of rolling storage shelves.  

Create an attractive storage solution with a set of hanging baskets. A set up ceiling-mounted hanging baskets can help you keep your hats, gloves and other cold-weather accessories organized and accessible.

Look up with overhead shelves. If you need some extra storage, just look up. Mount a shelf over the bedroom door, line your kitchen walls or add some floating shelves to your living room or hallway.

Mount a coat rack by the front door. A wall-mounted coat rack can make your life easier, and the front door is the perfect place to put it.

Use a second coat rack to hang your shoes. Taking your shoes off when you return home will keep your floors cleaner but storing that footwear can be a challenge. Use a second coat rack to stash your shoes – so you can enjoy cleaner floors and a clutter-free home.

Turn a craft organizer into a storage solution for your makeup essentials. You do not have to be a crafter to use a craft supply organizer. These multi-compartment organizers are perfect for storing blush, lipstick, brushes and other beauty essentials.

Keeping your home clutter free is not always an easy thing to do, but there are things you can do to make it simpler. The 10 simple tips listed above can help you de-cluttering your home without the extreme downsizing.