Wallpeg Stories: Home Network Organization

We are blown away with each and every new customer story we recieve. We are ecstatic to hear that Wallpeg products are doing their job: promoting better organization and making lives easier.

Today we received a unique story showing how our pegboards helped one of our computer-wizard customers better organize their network equipment:


I would  like to thank you for making the plastic pegboards. My home network could not be any neater. With the hollow backing, i found it easy to the run CAT 5 cables.


Yusuf Muhammad

pegboard for electronics storage

Yusuf took advantage of the space on the back of our standard pegboard created by the support ribs, running all of his various cables and wires in an organized fashion. Very creative and very cool

Thanks for sharing, Yusuf! We will be sending you a 20% off coupon code

Have a Wallpeg story you want to share with us? Send a photo and description of your Wallpeg pegboards in use and you too will get a 20% off discount code. All submissions should be sent to promotions@wallpegstore.com. 

1 thoughts on “Wallpeg Stories: Home Network Organization

  1. Judy Clay says:

    I use the locking j hooks on my peg board display for my jewelry business. I must say they are awesome. Lock in and stay in place through all my travels and Set uos. Thank you Wall Peg for yet another great product!

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