Spring Cleaning – For Your Health!

cleanupSpring cleaning is a great opportunity to get your home or apartment neat and organized, as well as riding yourself of unwanted “stuff” accumulated over the year. What most people don’t realize is that it can be the perfect time to significantly increase your overall health. “How?” you might ask? Check out a few of the following tips to see.


Give Your Home a Good Dusting – Too much dust in your home can materialize physically in increased allergic/asthmatic reactions, due to the amount of airborne allergens present. Dusting furniture, TV sets, and wall-mounted fans is an excellent start, checking and replacing A/C and heating vents and cleaning all air ducts is preferable


Check the Basement/Garage for Toxic Trash – Go through your stock of paint cans, thinners, stains and oils and see which ones you need to keep and which ones you can get rid of. DO NOT dump these chemicals into your sink or into the gutter, check with you local sanitation department for a hazardous waste disposal center. For the chemicals you need to keep, check their container for rust/corrosion or any potential points of leaking.


Check for Mold in Kitchen/Bathrooms – Areas that come into contact with a lot of water are prime locations for mold growth. Mold left untreated in the house can lead to major respiratory issues, so addressing the issue as soon as possible is crucial. If caught early enough, it can be removed with a non-toxic cleaner. It’s important to promote good air circulation in these rooms to prevent growth.


Check on the Condition of Outdoor Play Equipment – If you have a backyard swing set, jungle gym, or some other type of play structure, Make sure it is still sturdy and safe to use. For metal structure, check the bolts and fasteners are still tight. The same goes for wood structures, but don’t forget to also look out for dry rot and cracks as well.


Dispose of Old Batteries – If you open any drawer in your home, chances are you can find a few old batteries tucked in the back. Leaving old batteries lying around can lead to toxic acid leaks, so check for a local drop-off center to insure they are disposed of properly.

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