Maximize Space in Your Apartment

We can all remember our first apartment: It was small and cramped, but it was a space we could call all our own. small-apartment-Freshome-08One common problem that comes with living in a small apartment is trying to minimize clutter go about your life in a smaller space. For those feeling overwhelmed by the task, here are a few easy tips for making the most out of your apartment.


Maximize Wall Space

When installing bookcases/shelves, try to find ones that get as close to the ceiling as possible. The extra shelf space will give you a lot more added storage, as well as freeing up living areas for a less cramped feeling.


Dual-Purpose Furniture

Every apartment needs furniture, so why not get some that can get two things done at once? Multifunctional furniture has become increasingly popular with efficiency studio apartments and can save renters a ton of space. You can find footstools with storage compartments, couches that fold out into beds, and coffee tables that can stretch out to accommodate more guests if necessary.


Mounted TV

Mounting your TV to the wall eliminates the need for big, bulky entertainment consoles. Instead, opt for a small bookshelf close by to store DVD’s, books, or cable equipment.


Bed Lift

A bed lift elevates your bed off the ground, giving you great storage space underneath. Add a bed skirt to keep your stuff out of sight for when guest come over.


Downsize Your Stuff

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, some of your possessions might be to big for your space. If your bulky recliner or queen-sized mattress is getting in the way, it might be time to swap them out for something that is more suitable for the room.

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