The Luck of the Irish in America [Infographic]

Occasionally we here at Wallpeg Store come across stuff that may not be directly relevant to pegboards and organization, but is worth sharing nonetheless. On this St. Patrick’s Day, 2014, we thought it would be appropriate to pay tribute to the millions of Irish Americans in our country, many of whom purchase our products on a regular basis. Per the infographic below, there are over 34 million Americans with Irish ancestry today, in addition to over 150,000 Irish-born, naturalized U.S. residents. And contrary to what many would believe, there is more Budweiser and Sam Adams consumed on St. Patrick’s Day in the U.S. than Guinness (!).

In honor of our Irish friends, Wallpeg Store is offering a 10 percent discount on all purchases of over $50.00 between now and the end of May, 2014. Simply use the following promo code when checking out: LUCKY14

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and enjoy the infographic below! As always, feel free to comment or ask questions using the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Lucky Irish Promotional Items [Infographic]
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