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Garage Pegboard and Pegboard Organization…

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Garage Pegboard, Peg Board Hooks, and Plastic Bins…

…by Wallpeg

Perfect for inside or outside use, our Tuff Poly Plastic Garage Pegboards are water and scratch resistant.

  • Pegboard panels are available in black or white and feature molded ribs to properly space board from wall – no furring strips required or spacers to buy.
  • Your complete pegboard organization system – Ready to mount right out of the box – Only WallPeg features Flex-Lock peg hooks that stay put!
  • Garage pegboards and pegboard kits keep tools handy and ready to use -Peg boards are an excellent garage storage idea – organize tools, crafts, and more.

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Wallpeg Brand …the new generation of pegboard vertical storage.

With the combination of Easy Mount pegboard and Flex-Lock peg hooks working together eliminates the need for spacers or furring strips in order to mount the pegboard. I also eliminates the necessity of using plastic locks to keep the peg hooks from falling off the pegboard when in use.

Easy Mount Tough Poly Pegboards are so tough that restaurants use them in dish rooms to hang ladles and serving spoons to dry on.

Also used in restaurant prep rooms they can be mounted with studs and wing nuts for easy removal thus allowing the boards to be washed in a commercial dish washer to clean them. Other pegboards would come apart or steel boards would rust…Only WallPeg is water and temperature resistant.

Wallpeg brand pegboard is ready to mount right out of the box…our rib design properly spaces the board from the wall and gives it the attractive finished look WallPeg is famous for.

  • WallPeg pegboard is modular… you can use one board for a small space or several to cover an entire wall.
  • All the mounting holes have recessed holes for an attractive and smooth surface when mounted.
  • Pegboard holes are standard ¼” size and will fit all popular pegboard accessories.
  • Easy to install, just remove from box and mounts to the wall, only a screwdriver is needed.
  • WallPeg pegboard is available in several sizes and can be purchased in black or white tough scratch resistant poly.
  • All WallPeg products are made from recycled plastics and can be recycled.
  • WallPeg pegboard fits Flex-Lock peg hooks for storing tools, crafts, and all your items safe and secure.
  • WallPeg Brand pegboard can be installed in only minutes…the quality design will last a lifetime.

WallPeg Flex-Lock peg hooks have a patented cam lock. Just insert the peg hook with a slight push and the peg hook easily locks to the pegboard.

No more peg hooks falling off the board on the floor where a child could find it and hurt themselves. To remove the peg hook simply pull out and up and the cam lock releases. No extra locks to buy to try to keep your old style pegs on the board.

Flex-Lock peg hooks have safety rounded plastic ends and no sharp ends like metal pegs have. WallPeg peg hooks are tough and will hold all types of tools, craft items and more. Pegs are water proof and will never rust and Guaranteed for life.

Flex-Lock peg hooks come in black or white and will fit all standard 1/4″ hole pegboards.

You see the advantages of WallPeg Pegboards when you first buy them and they are delivered free to your front door. No longer do you need a pickup truck to get you bulky 4’ x 8’ pegboard home and then spend hours cutting and framing furring strips to mount the flat board to the wall. Just take the WallPeg boards out of the box and mount them directly to the wall. They mount in minutes and last a lifetime.