Wallpeg Stories Part 2: Jewelry Organization Time!

We are back again with more great stories from our customers!

This time around, we wanted to shine a spotlight on a common theme we saw while going through our submissions: jewelry organization. Check out how some of our customers have implemented Wallpeg products to help keep thier jewelry neat and organized:


whalepegMaking Jewelry Organization Easy…

I love the pegs from Wallpeg. I use them for my jewelry displays and they don’t fall off or get caught on anything.

Jackie Mayer

**Jackie uses the J style pegboard hooks

…and Portable!

I am very pleased with the J style pegs I ordered which really made my display cases for my paparazzi jewelry so easy to organize. They are very easy to move from one location to another on my boards and I will be ordering more in the near future as I am making new and larger displays. Also, I feel the cost is reasonable and delivery is quick.

Thank you,

Nancy Ritz

There you have it folks, for jewelry organization, look no further then our J style pegboard hooks! Both Nancy and Jackie recieved 20% off discount codes for taking the time to share their stories.

Have a Wallpeg story you want to share with us? Send a photo and description of your Wallpeg pegboards in use and you too will get a 20% off discount code. All submissions should be sent to promotions@wallpegstore.com. 

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