Even MORE Wallpeg Stories!

The stories keep rolling in, so we are going to keep sharing them! Here is the latest story we recieved:

UnknownWe absolutely love Wallpeg Store’s J Hooks.  They are the best pegboard hooks we have come across for use with our Paparazzi Accessories jewelry.  We used to use some metal hooks that would not lock into the boards.  We were constantly having to pick up jewelry and hooks that would fall on the ground.  Since we have switched over our displays to these hooks we never have to pick up hooks and jewelry that falls off every time a customer picks up a necklace to look at.  Thank you for your great products and we look forward to placing another order to expand our displays!

Jonny and Kelsie Webb

So great to hear that our products are helping you guys out! We will be sending you a 20% off coupon code!

Have a Wallpeg story you want to share with us? Send a photo and description of your Wallpeg pegboards in use and you too will get a 20% off discount code. All submissions should be sent to promotions@wallpegstore.com. 

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