More Customer Stories!

We are back with another awesome customer story to share. This one comes from Amanda, who uses our J-Style Peg Hooks for her jewelry displays:




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I just love my locking J-Style Peg Hooks! They have allowed me to run my business so much more efficiently! I am a consultant for Paparazzi Accessories, and since we carry such a large variety of inventory on hand at all times, we implement pegboards.  For the first few years, I used paperclips on them as hooks. While this was definitely cheap, easy and functional- over time, they would scrape the paint off the board, or get bent out of shape. Many times, my customers couldn’t grasp the concept of lifting the tag to get the product off the hooks- so, I hesitantly made the switch to the J-Style Peg Hooks. I could not be more thrilled with them! This has transformed my look to a more professional and functional display! They are sleek and stay put- are unbelievable strong and definitely worth the investment. The first batch I bought over a year ago- have never popped out of place or broken. A very wise investment, for sure!

Thank you!

– Amanda F. 

Thanks for sharing Amanda! There is a coupon code coming your way!

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